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M‑DRIVE ML1000 Series

If you have any questions that aren’t answered on this page, please feel free to contact us at support@motus-labs.com!

Who should I contact at Motus Labs if I have any questions about the performance of my ML1000 series drive?

In addition to the FAQ section, you can log an inquiry or case issue to support@motus-labs.com. Please provide the Serial/ID# located on the side of the main housing in your email to us. From there, your case will be logged into our system for follow-up, tracking, and resolution.

Can support assist me with ‘How To’ questions or is it limited to ‘Product Issue’ inquiries?

Motus Labs values every customer as a partner, where bi-directional dialogue benefits both parties. Your input will only enhance our offerings, ensuring that our products continue to meet your various use cases. Whether your inquiry is related to a ‘How To’ or a ‘Product Issue’ question, please never hesitate to contact us.

What specification of motors or step-motors is the ML1000 series drive is designed to work with?

It is recommended that for this drive, stepper motors size NEMA 23 or larger is suggested.

When attaching the ML1000 series drive to a motor, is there a specific nut/bolt composition and tightness range recommended?

Your personal judgment on nut/bolt composition is best, based on your intended use case. Be conscious not to over-tighten, so you do not mar the composition of the housing.

Will I void my Warranty if I open or retrofit my ML1000 series drive?

Any breach of the main housing, modification, or alteration to the ML1000 series drive is prohibited and will void the product Warranty.

Can I customize or switch out any components within the ML1000 series drive?

The ML1000 series drive is designed as a complete product, not a modularized offering. All components within the ML1000 series drive are self-contained, designed to work specific to the overall ML1000 series drive product spec. Specific internal components within the ML1000 series drive are not separately available.

If I encounter a product issue with the ML1000 series drive that cannot be proactively resolved, is there an RMA process in place to obtain a replacement ML1000 series drive?

Once you register a case via support@motus-labs.com, we will work with you to identify and resolve the issue. In the event we cannot address the issue remotely, we will issue an RMA for the return of the product to Motus and ship out a replacement ML1000 series drive, per our Warranty representation. Return shipping instructions will be included in the RMA email confirmation back to you. Please complete the RMA request and share with us the use-case and shortcomings so we can better understand the environment in which the product failed to adequately perform.

Can I run my ML1000 series drive in any type of environment (temperature, dry, damp, inside, outside, etc) that won’t void my warranty?

The ML1000 series drive will operate best in normal operating environments. Operating in extreme operating environments is not recommended.

Do you recommend any special handling when working with the ML1000 series drive?

Designed as a precision instrument, the drive should be handled and cared for in the same manner as any other precision instrument.

Does Motus Labs offer any input adapters, mounting plates, motors, or any other complimentary products to the ML1000 series drive for sale?

Currently, Motus Labs is focused on offering drive technology. We continue to evaluate the rationale of offering an accessory program and will articulate any plans via the website as they develop.

Does Motus Labs offer any type of financial incentive for me to provide feedback on the performance of my ML1000 series drive?

Motus Labs is constantly soliciting customer input on the performance of our products.  Simply email us at support@motus-labs.com so we can obtain your feedback and issue you a promotional discount code.

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