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What is the mission of Motus Labs?

Motus Labs’ mission is to revolutionize the robotic drive industry with an innovative new gear design that uses mating surfaces instead of traditional gear teeth. The M-DRIVE design provides superior price to performance with higher torque density, torsional stiffness and better efficiencies.  Statistics show that the market demand for actuators and drives will continue to grow substantially and the supply will increase to meet demand. We believe the M-DRIVE will become essential for the proliferation of the emerging Service Robot Market due to the reduced weight and lower overall solution costs that dramatically improve the overall ROI of a robot and provides the ability to create new applications – Build What You Can Imagine.

What is the background of the leadership at Motus Labs?

One of the Company’s greatest strengths is its leadership team with a rich history of creating products that transform markets, and growing companies from inception to IPO and M&A. The team averages 25 years of pertinent experience, with all key leadership roles filled. The CEO and Executive Chairman are both successful serial entrepreneurs and successful angel investors and board members.

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What applications are applicable to use an M-DRIVE ?

Each market has its own performance and reliability requirements.  The issue of material used in an actuator is a function of reliability and life testing.  Today’s common strain wave drives require special alloy steels to reach acceptable levels of reliability and longevity.  The Motus M-DRIVE uses an entirely new and unique architecture that enables higher torque density and greater positioning accuracy at a significantly lower system weight.


How difficult is it for a robot manufacturer to redesign hardware to accommodate the M-DRIVE?

If a robot manufacturer would like to replace their drives with a Motus M-DRIVE, we have various options. However, to take full advantage of the M-DRIVE architecture features, a robot manufacturer can choose to design-in M-DRIVEs for the entire robot.

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